Friday, February 18, 2011

First Sunday in Lent

This is a test sample....

On the gospel for today, Matthew 4.1-11...
The decision to live into this life supersedes all ethical dilemmas as we turn our faces to gaze upong the one in whose image we are all created. Confronted with hunger and possessing the means to turn stones in to bread, Jesus fixwed his gaze upon God. Tempted by power and possessing the means to display total supremacy, Jesus fixed his gaze upon God. Offered complete dominion and possessing the means to command total control, Jesus fixed his gaze upon God. Our ethical dilemmas , we discover, sre not a matter of choosing between bread ans tones; they are a matter of choosing life with God and life without God. When we choose life, we trust God to provide the bead even it if looks like a stone to our untrained eyes. If we remain focused on God eventually we will learn to see differently, and learning to see differently leads to living differently. (Jennifer Copeland, in Homily Service, 41.2, p. 24)

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